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                  As our intermodal routes continue to expand, now is a great time to consider intermodal conversion opportunities with J.B. Hunt. We offer state of the art technology and an industry leading drayage network that allows us to customize services to your exact requirements. You’ll also enjoy a number of unique benefits available only to J.B. Hunt’s customers.

                  The J.B. Hunt Intermodal Advantage

                  As an industry pioneer in intermodal services, J.B. Hunt enjoys many exclusive benefits.

                  BENEFITS INCLUDE:

                  • The highest loading priority of all premium service level shipments on the BNSF railway.
                  • Exclusive private gate access to BNSF's busy Corwinth Alliance and San Bernadino intermodal facilities.
                  • Express gate privileges at the world's busiest intermodal terminal in Los Angeles.
                  • Dedicated maintained chassis pool (do not have to rely upon shared pool).

                  Convert from the Highway

                  Drive out cost and bring value to your truckload delivery program by incorporating intermodal services. The intermodal ride quality and consistency of service has never been better. With improved Eastern Network routes, now is the time to examine conversion opportunities with J.B. Hunt.

                  Drayage Network

                  Our industry leading intermodal drayage network is powered by company-owned and contracted drayage units positioned at J.B. Hunt terminals across North America. This fleet executes door-to-door intermodal service customized to meet the needs of service- sensitive shippers.

                  Sustainable Alternatives

                  J.B. Hunt's double-stack containers operate with state-of-the-art real-time sensors and tracking capabilities. Our customers are able to improve supply-chain service levels while lowering both their environmental impact and transportation costs.

                  Learn More

                  J.B. Hunt operates the largest fleet of company-owned 53’ containers and one of the largest drayage fleets in the world.
                  Learn more about intermodal services available from J.B. Hunt, including expedited and premium service levels and transloading programs.
                  Learn more about the technology that supports J.B. Hunt’s intermodal operations.

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