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                  Proprietary rail and intermodal technology, developed and used exclusively by J.B. Hunt, supports all areas of network planning, equipment management and service execution. Combined with an experienced team, J.B. Hunt offers an unparalleled level of service.

                  Train in the desert

                  Commitment to Innovation

                  J.B. Hunt's commitment to innovation makes us a technology leader in the transportation industry. This leadership is evident in the systems supporting our intermodal services.

                  THESE SYSTEMS INCLUDE:

                  • Integrated railroad electronic information systems for real-time load status updating.
                  • A web-based customer portal for booking and tracing intermodal orders.
                  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), available between J.B. Hunt rail providers and many larger dray carriers.
                  • An internet interface allowing dray carries to process real-time data.

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                  J.B. Hunt operates the largest fleet of company-owned 53’ containers and one of the largest drayage fleets in the world.
                  Learn more about intermodal services available from J.B. Hunt, including expedited and premium service levels and transloading programs.
                  Learn more about the state of the art technology and an industry leading drayage network that allows us to customize services to your exact requirements.

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